Volunteers' Week: My Experience

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Posted 3rd June 2019

Volunteers' Week

My Experience

Anne Jewkes, Volunteer Gallery Steward

Volunteering at Watts Gallery - Artists' Village is a win win.

It is a win for the volunteer in that over time and at your own pace, you become knowledgeable about the life and work of George Frederic Watts.

I will be the first to admit that Victorian paintings and sculptures are not my usual, go-to genre of art. As an artist, I am drawn to more contemporary works. However, that hasn't stopped me not only finding Watts's work very interesting, but also the Gallery and Studios environment absolutely fascinating from a curatorial and historical point of view.

As a volunteer at Watts Gallery - Artists' Village you have an opportunity to learn about art and talk about art.

What could be better than that?

And, having knowledgeable volunteers in the Gallery also makes it a win for visitors to the Gallery. The visitor experience is enhanced and enriched by the enthusiastic and informed volunteers.

Today, when so much of what we learn comes to us via an impersonal route – through the internet on our computer screens or phones - there is something very special about telling a person, who happens to be standing right by you, a piece of information they might really like to know. It's a bit like sharing a secret!

This is what happens when you volunteer at Watts Gallery Artists' Village and chat to the visitors!

You can find out more about Volunteering at our next Open Morning on Saturday 13 July.