Cast 3 (1959)

Over 50 years after the artist’s death, a third bronze cast was commissioned in 1959 by the British South Africa Company as another memorial to Cecil Rhodes. Watts Gallery Trust gave permission for this third bronze to be created and received £210 from the British South Africa Company in return [1].
Cast by the Corinthian Bronze Company, London, from the original plaster model, it was installed in front of the High Court in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia (now the Republic of Zambia).

When the Republic of Zambia gained independence in 1964, calls were made for the sculpture’s removal. The British South Africa Company relocated the cast to Salisbury (now Harare, Zimbabwe), then under British rule as part of Southern Rhodesia.

Following the independence of Zimbabwe in October 1981, the third cast was moved for a second time and relocated to the National Archives of Zimbabwe, where it continues to reside today alongside other dismantled colonial monuments.

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