Clare Kuznik

2013-14: Clare Kuznik
Clare Kuznik studied art and design and art therapy before completing her Fine Art degree at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham in 2013. She works largely in 2D collage, paint and embroidery as well as wall drawings. Visit Clare's website.

Artist Statement

My work is concept led drawing from the visions presented in the Bible within the book of Revelations. The themes that underpin my work are of a spiritual nature. I am led to make work because God is important to me and some traumatic events in my life have found expression in a creative process enabling me the freedom to express my sense of loss.

The act of making is a form of doubling, of holding on to things. Loss is a universal theme and therefore connects and communicates with a large audience. The book of Revelations contains hope for the future, hope that relationships can be reconciled in a new kingdom; that which has been lost can be regained. The book is bitter sweet. There is the warning of an apocalypse, the end of the World and a description of how that will occur.

In making my work I create an intangible space, not mechanical and clearly defined, creating an entrance into the subconscious realm, thereby transporting the viewer into a place where they can make interpretations based on their own past experiences that may have resurfaced by chance.

I make sketches from life of people, trees and nature, often working on linen canvases with embroidery and collage. The work is intricate and intense. I have created wall drawings, hammering pins that secure a diverse collection of materials mostly bought from charity shops. Taking things that have been discarded and giving them new value.

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