HMP YOI Bronzefield

Doing the art made me feel a little bit of freedom because this is all me - not Bronzefield. After the workshop I went back to my cell happy, with my mind buzzing

Art for All Community Learning Programme participant from HMP &YOI

Bronzefield is a women's prison, which accommodates a diverse and complex population of women from courts across the South of England. The Jailbirds Social Enterprise in the prison teaches a variety of art and craft techniques and Watts Gallery Trust has been working in partnership with HMP & YOI Bronzefield in the Jailbirds Enterprise to offer creative workshops since 2009.

This year's highlights:

• An exhibition of the artwork made by the women during Art for All Community Learning Programme workshops was displayed in the Bronzefield Community Café for the first time. This was a sell-out exhibition.

• Staff from Watts Gallery – Artists' Village lead three days of workshops in the Bronzefield Jailbirds art room. The women learnt about the work of G F and Mary Watts, as well as developed printmaking and basic model-making skills.

• Prints made in February 2020 by the residents were displayed at HMP YOI Bronzefield for the Pimlico Opera Opening evening. Artworks were sold and some form part of an extended exhibition in the Bronzefield Community Café.

The Residents were very excited to do the project and we only had one Resident who chose not to take part. The Residents were very enthusiastic about their work and creating the drawings and the prints. When we showed the Residents the framed pieces that looked so impressive many gasped and sighed with pride. It was a really great thing to be able to have the Watts Artists come in and really helped raise moral, boost confidence and bring giggles, smiles and laughter to the workshop. The Watts Gallery Partnership is really a highlight for us.

Jessica Cate, Art Tutor, HMP YOI Bronzefield

My Watts - Interpretations of G F Watts's art by participants from HMP YOI Bronzefield Download
Colouring in sheet by participants from HMP YOI Bronzefield (1) Download
Colouring in sheet by participants from HMP YOI Bronzefield (2) Download