Art for All Community Outreach

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Until 30 June 2020

Art for All Community Outreach

The Art for All Community Outreach programme builds upon the inclusive ethos of Watts Gallery's founders, the Victorian artists GF and Mary Watts.

Just as Mary Watts opened the doors of her home studio, inviting the local community to learn new creative skills and participate in social enterprise, Watts Gallery Trust continues to work in partnership with local charities, organisations and prisons to offer artist-led workshops to young people and adults.

During this challenging time, we are working in close consultation with our community partners, in order to ensure that we continue to support some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

We are collaborating on both digital and physical outreach initiatives to ensure that the Community programme continues to reach and assist our participants during this period increased social isolation and vulnerability.

Inspired by GF and Mary Watts's belief in the power of art to improve lives, the programme currently includes the following art-based initiatives:

Adult Partnerships

Park Barn Centre, opportunities, Woking Women's Centre, Dementia workshops, halow, HMP YOI Bronzefield, HMP Send, DAISY, East London Textiles Arts

Youth Partnerships

User Voice, Surrey Young Carers, Star Project, Amber, HMP YOI Feltham, Surrey County Council Youth Services

We have asked our community partner organisations how we can support them during this time. In response to their requests, Watts Gallery Trust's Community Art for All programme continues to deliver online workshops to groups via video link, while those without access to the internet are receiving resources and materials to continue making from their homes, cells and care homes.

Artwork by our participants

Here is a sketch made by a Community participant from our community partner the halow project during their online activities - An Angel from the Watts Chapel.

Colouring Sheets

Participants from our community learning programme have made a series of sketches inspired by the work of G F and Mary Watts especially for you to colour in.

Download the colouring sheets:

Mary Watts' Angel - with a trumpet

Mary Watts' Angel - with a banner

G F Watts' Desk

Compton Potters' Pots 1

Compton Potters' Pots 2

Compton Potters' Pots 3

Art for All Rainbow

We are sharing a rainbow of works created by participants in our Art for All community learning programme to celebrate another colourful year!


This print is called Tempar by an Art for All Learning Programme Participant in HMP YOI Bronzefield.
'I was happy when I was designing it and I wanted the design to come out of myself. It became a drum. I chose bright colours because being in Bronzefield you need colour, character and something stimulating. I went back to my cell on a real high after I made this print.'

Watts Gallery Trust has been working in partnership with HMP YOI Bronzefield since 2009, offering art workshop and teaching new creative skills. This year the women took inspiration from the ceramics made by Mary Watts and the Compton Potters' Art Guild.


This wrapping paper was designed by Art for All community participants from User Voice. Taking inspiration from the work of Mary Watts, the group decided to use colours that draw on her colour palette, including the warm orange of her terracotta ceramics and the light teal used in her decorative relief work. Keep an eye out for the wrapping paper, which will be on sale soon!

Watts Gallery Trust has been working in partnership with User Voice since 2009. User Voice works with young people aged 16 – 19 years to help them achieve their goals in work, education or training. This year participants from User Voice have worked towards their Bronze Arts Award.


'Don't tell anyone... but I'm in my 80s. This is the first time I have painted since I was in school. A little rusty but I have enjoyed it. Its important to look, really look, at things before you put brush to paper.' - Art for All Learning programme participant from Park Barn Centre, Spring Flowers, ink on textiles.

A few weeks ago, Art for All community learning programme participants at Park Barn Centre made beautiful designs to print onto a collaborative wall hanging.The group painted from a still life of flowers, drawing on the composition seen in one of G F Watts's paintings - Jane 'Jeanie' Elizabeth Hughes, Mrs Nassau John Senior (1828-1877) at Wightwick Manor.


This ink on paper artwork is called 'Hope Springs Eternal' and is by an Art for All community learning programme participant from Park Barn Centre. Taking inspiration from G F Watts' portrait of Jane 'Jeanie' Elizabeth Hughes, Mrs Nassau John Senior (1828-1877) at Wightwick Manor, participants focused on the symbolic flowers shown in the painting. Painted using heat-sensitive inks, this image will turn bright green when exposed to the heat and can be transferred onto material. What do you think this design would look good on?


'Sometimes I get a tingling in my fingers and that's when I know I want to make something. I get that feeling when I see everything Mary Watts made. These workshops give me something to do – I feel relaxed when I make things and after the workshop, I leave feeling happy, buzzing with ideas I want to make the next week. People think people like me can't do things – but in these workshops I can show them they're wrong!' - Art for All Community participant from the Park Barn Centre

This print is called 'Feeling Blue' and was made by a participant from the Park Barn Centre, taking inspiration from Hope by G F Watts.


This is a wrapping paper design by Art for All community learning programme participants in HMP Send. The participants considered designs made by Mary Watts and used this to inform their sketches, which were then brought together to make this pattern. Keep an eye out - this wrapping paper will be on sale soon!

HMP Send is a closed female training prison. Watts Gallery Trust has been working with HMP Send since 2008, facilitating weekly creative studio time and an Artist Tutor to guide and teach the participants.

Want to see the rest of the rainbow? Make sure you're following the @WattsGallery Instagram account for the latest #ArtForAll community update!

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