Chris Pavia: Beyond the Waves

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27 October 2021 - 24 November 2021
Watts at home

Live from Wednesday 27 October, 10am

Free to watch via YouTube

Beyond The Waves is a collaboration between choreographer Chris Pavia, Watts Gallery Trust and DAiSY (Disability Arts in Surrey) with mentoring support and dance artists from Stopgap Dance Company. Beyond The Waves explores the dynamics of energy and movement seen in the full and partial sculptures by G F Watts displayed at Watts Gallery. Chris's work is inspired by the power of natural forces such as water including film and photographic references of vivid waterfalls and horses galloping through waves.

Tune into our YouTube channel from Wednesday 27 October to hear about the process of choreographing the three solo dances, which amount to Beyond the Waves from Stop Gap and Chris Pavia.

Look out for the immersive display of Beyond the Waves at Watts Gallery in Summer 2022.