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Watts Fairy Fair

Fairy Fair Day Sheet Download

Saturday 11 July


Free with adult admission

The highlight of the Watts families summer events programme is the Watts Fairy Fair. Taking inspiration from the temporary exhibition The Art of Bedlam: Richard Dadd, this family fun day brings to life one of Dadds most fantastic fairy paintings. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke. A fabulous compendium of teeming life, the central event in this painting is however clear enough. A man raises an axe to split a nut from, which he will make a new carriage for Mab, the Queen of the Fairies. The tiny Mab herself waits with her retinue along the elongated brim of the hat worn by the bearded figure in white in the centre of the painting.

The Fairy King and Queen invite everyone to join them for a magical day of adventure at Watts Gallery – Artists' Village. Begin with face painting, before designing your own fairy wings and woodland wand. Explore the Watts Gallery woodlands hunting for fairies, and creating willow fairy houses with artists Louise Arthur, before hearing stories about the pixies and goblins from the Fairy King and Queen.