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Evening Talk: The Dawn of Photography — From the Camera Obscura to the Kodak Brownie

Wednesday 12 October

6.30 - 8pm

Watts Gallery

£10 with first refreshment free

Through a pictorial talk, Rob Dickins CBE will illustrate how the study of images of light developed from the Ancient Chinese, Greeks and Persians to scientists and artists of the Renaissance and on to the 19th century pioneers of Great Britain and France who found various routes to create an image. This lecture will discuss further where these various routes led and the rivalry of their progenitors as they celebrated their discoveries.

Once photography moved on from just technical skills, the role of the photographer controversially took on its own art form. The public were in awe of this new arrival, and it became hugely popular despite cameras being unwieldy and the chemical processes highly complicated. Discover how one particular entrepreneurial industrialist changed the world at the beginning of the 20th century by making the whole process easier and available to all.

Rob Dickins CBE had a successful forty-year career in the music industry as International Vice president of Warner Bros Music Publishing and later Chairman of Warner Music UK. He is a Trustee of many charities, museums and heritage organisations in the UK including Watts Gallery – Artists' Village. He donated The Rob Dickins Collection, his collection of Victorian photographs which is part of the exhibition Close Up & Personal: Victorians & Their Photographs (14 July – 6 November).