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FINAL WEEK — On the Silk Road

24 March - 5 June 2016

Watts Contemporary Gallery at the Pottery Building

Free entry

Alexander Creswell (born 1957) is an internationally celebrated artist known for his extraordinary fluency and technical skill in watercolour and his remarkable ability to capture 'the spirit of place'.

In 2015 Alexander's travels led him to journey along part of the Silk Road in Central Asia. He is delighted to be exhibiting the paintings which he created along the road at Watts Contemporary Gallery.

Creswell worked in Watts's Great Studio from 2009 - 2011 as the first Watts Artist in Association. He had the privilege of being the first painter to use the studio since Watts's death in 1904.

'It is a privilege to be showing this collection at Watts Gallery - Artist's Village. G F Watts and Mary Seton Watts certainly knew this Central Asian flavour; the fabrics, the costumes, the exotic folklore, all part of their identity a century ago. I feel they would have understood it all, here today.' — Alexander Creswell