Talks: Tessa Boase: Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather

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21 November 2018
Watts Gallery

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Wednesday 21 November | 7 – 8 pm
£12.50 | Friends £11.25
Watts Gallery | Pre-booking required

Hear about Etta Lemon, the forgotten and remarkable woman who led the anti-plumage campaign supported by G F Watts for half a century, leading it to eventual victory. She campaigned so doggedly, and for so long, against 'murderous millinery' that she became known as 'Mother of the Birds'. Her struggle to get the world to care about birds met with as much contempt and indifference as Emmeline Pankhurst's fight for the vote.

Right up until WWI, the idea of bird protection was as laughable as the concept of female emancipation. Yet she has proved to be as deeply influential to the modern psyche as the elaborately plumed leader of the suffragettes, Mrs Pankhurst.

Tessa Boase is a journalist and author of the successful A Housekeeper's Tale. Previously a commissioning editor for The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and Weekend magazine, she continues to contribute to a wide range of national newspapers and magazines.

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