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Until 31 May 2021

Make Space - Online

Get creative with all the family with the Watts at home digital Make Space! Discover simple art tutorials specially designed by Watts's Make Space artists. Guided by video tutorials and free printable activity sheets, experiment with different techniques and explore the wonderful creations that can be made from limited resources.

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Clay Pinch Pot - 4 October

Join ceramicist Joshua Schoeman to make a pinch pot. You can use clay, plasticine or make up some salt dough with the recipe provided.

Click here to download instructions

Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is the art of drawing images and motifs on the floor and walls of one's home and are symbols of welcome and good luck. Be inspired by the celestial and natural themes in the decoration on the walls of Watts Chapel and make an artwork to hang on your door, wall or at your window. A huge thank you to Meera Chauda for collaborating with us on this activity.

Click here to download the instructions.

Mark Making

Experiment with making marks using everyday items. What patterns and effects can you make with a piece of string, a cardboard roll and an old toothbrush? Consuelo Riveros shares lots of techniques and ideas for what you can do with your creations.

Click here to download the instructions.

Touch Pottery

Touch and sight are important to potters - we make forms by changing what our hands feel what our eyes see. So what if we try to make with clay without looking at what we are doing?

Marbled Gift Tags

Be inspired by the Victorians' love of marbling when it was used to decorate paper for writing and bookbinding. Join artist Honey Dearsley to create beautiful gift tags using a simple marbling technique.

Click here to download the instructions.

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