Reducing waste

We are committed to increasing our recycling, composting and finding new ways of working, to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

During our 2011 restoration of the Watts Gallery, we upgraded the thermal performance of our historic building fabric, installed high efficiency condensing boilers as well as low energy ventilation systems, and used low carbon-bodied materials such as FSC certified timber, clay roof tiles and natural-based paints.

The paper we use to create our printed materials are FSC certified. This means that the Forest Stewardship Council has guaranteed that, from forest to manufacturer, the paper has been sourced and produced sustainably.

Water used in the Tea Shop wash-up area has been reduced by approximately 50% thanks to the installation of a new rinsing spray jet wash.

The waste we do generate here is managed by Chambers, a Guildford-based organisation whose specialised sorting and separation system prioritises recycling. In January 2019, Chambers diverted from landfill 99.8% of our and other local organisation's waste materials.

Rainwater is collected in an underground cistern for irrigating the gardens across our estate.

We also use manure to fertilise our gardens from our neighbours at Mane Chance Sanctuary.