List of Events

  1. Stereo photograph of a Victorian family looking at stereo photographs and stereoscopes

    Victorian Virtual Reality

  2. Colourful orange and green birds on a blue background

    In Print: Joy

  3. Coming Soon

    Roots and Journeys

  4. Christmas at Watts

  5. Vase in glass case in gallery

    De Morgan exhibition tour

  6. Sketching by candlelight

  7. Historic gallery features oil paintings in gold frames and sculptures

    Watts Gallery tour

  8. Kay Aplin and Joseph Young open studio

  9. Chapel interior from the doorway, the walls are covered with symbols and Celtic designs

    Watts Cemetery Chapel tour

  10. Three visitors walk down a cobble path surrounded by green trees

    The Artists' Village walking tour

  11. Print of flowers and grasses on a pink-yellow background

    In Print: Meet The Artist

  12. Festive family days

  13. Wreath hung on door

    Winter wreath making

  14. Victorian Virtual Reality: curator’s tour

  15. Child makes a colourful sculpture in Watts Tots craft workshop

    Watts Tots