List of Events

  1. Exhibition

    Edo Pop: Japanese Prints 1825 - 1895

  2. Exhibition

    Hiroko Imada at Watts

  3. A plaster cast sculpture of intertwined human hands resting on a rectangular base, displayed in a museum setting with an informational label visible below.

    LIMN: UCA Farnham X Watts Gallery

  4. Vase in glass case in gallery

    De Morgan exhibition tour

  5. Historic gallery features oil paintings in gold frames and sculptures

    Watts Gallery tour

  6. Chris smiles at the camera, sitting on a step with a spade next to him

    Gardener's tour

  7. Chapel interior from the doorway, the walls are covered with symbols and Celtic designs

    Watts Cemetery Chapel tour

  8. Terracotta corridor with arches, the chapel stands in the background

    Victorian memorials

  9. A black and white photograph of George Watts sitting on a chair in his studio surrounded by his paintings

    Remembering George Watts

  10. The outside of Watts Gallery with flower bed in foreground

    Ewbank's valuation day

  11. Photograph of a table with flowers and paintings of the flowers scattered over it.

    Saturday sketch

  12. Three visitors walk down a cobble path surrounded by green trees

    The Artists' Village walking tour

  13. A photograph of a large glazed pot sitting on a white plinth

    Masterclass: smoke firing course with Mary Branson

  14. Someone painting ceramics

    Ceramics: sushi set

  15. Edo Pop: curator's tour