List of Events

  1. Terracotta candle holder making

    Pottery Course: hand building and throwing

  2. A ceramic jewellery dish placed on a table with flowers and jewellery

    Ceramics: trinket trays and dishes

  3. Close-up photograph of of hands making a woodblock print. The hands are lifting the paper off of the inked woodblock.

    Masterclass: wood engraving with Angie Lewin

  4. A terracotta pot placed on a shelf with a green cactus inside

    Ceramics: planter pots

  5. An open sketchbook with a watercolour of mushrooms on the page

    Spring sketchbooks

  6. Two women kneeling in a woodland holding sketch pads

    Saturday sketch: slow gaze in nature

  7. Someone creating a watercolour painting in a sketchbook

    Creative sketchbooks