Sustainable procurement

We are working hard to make our supply chain more green, by working with local organisations where possible and putting sustainability at the heart of the conversation when procuring.

In the Tea Shop, takeaway cups, cutlery and straws are all made from bio-degradable materials, ensuring we keep our use of single-use plastics to a minimum. In addition, every member of staff receives a reusable coffee cup, meaning staff use of the Tea Shop's takeaway cups has been almost entirely phased out.

We have been using paper bags instead of plastic since 2011; meaning we’ve avoided using over 100,000 plastic bags. All barcode labels on the products we sell in the Shop are made from recycled cardboard.

The Tea Shop is proud to serve Greyfriars Vineyard wine, Hogsback Brewery beer and cider, Loseley cakes and bread from Christmas Bakery. All these suppliers are less than eight miles from the Gallery. See a sample menu here.

The Shop also supports local makers, artists and producers, see some locally sourced products on the online shop.

Wherever possible, we work with local suppliers to fulfil our needs.