Working together

Establishing long term relationships and partnerships, as well as improving how we engage with our communities, whether that’s staff, volunteers or visitors, is at the heart of our plan for sustainability. The way we work both internally and with external partners is critical to the way we can be more efficient.

Our Environmental Sustainability working group, made up of staff members, looks at ways to reduce the organisation's carbon footprint and to adopt more sustainable working methods. This group meets regularly and reflects all areas of our organisation. The working group send out regular updates to all our staff and volunteers, sharing wider news and further resources on the subject of environmental sustainability on our blog.

We've appointed a Trustee Environmental Sustainability Champion to sit on the Board, and a Volunteer Ambassador to promote sustainability among our 200+ volunteers.

In 2018, we began partnering with Julie's Bicycle, a charity set up to support the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. Over the course of each year, we measure our use of water, electricity, and our waste output, and report these numbers to Julie's Bicycle, who offer guidance and suggestions for how we can improve. Since March 2020, we have been awarded their 3-star Creative Green Certification, as well as being nominated as Best Newcomer at their Creative Green Awards 2020.

We launched our new website in 2022 with Supercool, who have offset the carbon produced in building it. The total project carbon emissions were 0.608 tonnes. Planting 6 trees offsets 1 tonne of carbon emissions. We more than doubled the number of trees needed to offset the emissions of the new website project. A donation equivalent to 9 trees has been made to the National Trust. They plant, preserve and protect natural environments across the UK, including the Surrey Hills, Witley and Milford Commons, Abinger Roughs, and Netley Park.