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A vibrant image of an artist's workstation with paintbrushes in a jar, a palette with various colours, and scattered colourful paint swatches across a white surface.

Art knows no boundaries – it's everywhere you look, waiting to be discovered and celebrated! Apart from visiting Watts Gallery - Artists' Village, you can still unleash your creativity and embark on artistic adventures with your family from the comfort of your home.

In this blog post, we'll explore five exciting art activities that kids and families can enjoy together, using simple materials and boundless imagination.

A hand holding a swatch book titled "my nature swatch" featuring various watercolour patches in shades of green, orange, pink, and blue, against a background of yellow flowers.

Nature colour swatch adventure:

Get ready for a colourful outdoor adventure with your family as you explore the vibrant hues of the natural world! Raid your art cupboard for pencils, paints, and pens, then head outdoors to collect inspiration with your loved ones. Create a colour swatch trail by matching colours from nature to your paper swatches. Can you spot the same colours from your window? Share your unique discoveries using #ArtForAllByAll and inspire others to embark on their own colourful journey with their families!


Two watercolour paintings with abstract patterns, one with warm red and orange tones, and another with cool blue and green shades, surrounded by assorted leaves on a light surface.

Watercolour leaves:

Transform ordinary leaves into stunning works of art with watercolour leaves, a delightful activity for the whole family to enjoy! Gather some leaves from your backyard with your kids, then unleash your creativity with watercolours. Wet the paper, add plenty of color, press the leaves onto the paper, and watch as the vibrant hues come to life. Experiment with different leaf shapes and colours together to create a beautiful botanical masterpiece that your family can proudly display.


A colourful handmade pop-up card featuring a blue and green paper parrot with a fanned tail, sitting on a bright pink background. text at the top reads "pop up card.

Making 3D cards:

Surprise your loved ones with handmade 3D cards that are as unique as your family's bond! Gather around the craft table with your kids and fold colourful paper into intricate shapes, add playful designs, and watch as your creations pop off the page together. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because, these handmade cards are sure to bring joy and smiles to everyone in your family.


A collage of vibrant and colourful abstract art pieces, including patterns resembling butterfly wings and star shapes, arranged in a symmetrical layout.

Marbled gift tags:

Add a touch of elegance to your gifts with marbled gift tags, a fun and creative activity that your family can enjoy together! Gather your kids and some shaving foam, liquid colours, and colourful paper, then let your creativity run wild. Swirl the paint in the foam, press the paper into the mixture, and watch as mesmerizing marble patterns emerge. Cut the paper into tags of any shape and size with your family, and voila – you've got custom-made gift tags that are sure to impress your loved ones!


Four colorful paper fish crafts decorated with sequins, googly eyes, and multicolored paper circles on a white background.

Fish sculpture:

Dive into the world of sculpting with your family with a fun and whimsical fish sculpture project! Grab a paper roll and shape it into a fish with your kids, and let your imagination take the lead. Add colourful details, quirky patterns, and expressive eyes together to bring your fish to life. Whether it's hanging on the wall or swimming on your desk, your handmade fish sculpture created with your family is sure to make a splash in your home!


Art is not just something you see – it's something you create, explore, and celebrate together with your family. With these five creative activities, kids and families can unlock the magic of art right in their own homes. Gather your materials, unleash your imagination, and let the artistic adventures begin with your loved ones!

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