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As we celebrate Watts Gallery's 120th anniversary, we reflect on the rich history that has unfolded within its walls, since it opened on 1 April 1904.

Watts Gallery - Artists' Village is not just a museum, but a cultural hub that encapsulates the Victorian era and its profound influence on the world of art. It was here that George Frederic Watts, along with his wife, the remarkable designer and social reformer Mary Watts, sought to create a space where art could flourish, and artists could find solace and inspiration.

Walking through Watts Gallery, you'll encounter a treasure trove of Victorian paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts, each piece telling a poignant story of its own. From George Frederic Watts's iconic masterpiece, Physical Energy to the intricate ceramic creations of Mary Watts and the local community in the Watts Chapel, every brushstroke and every clay mould invites us to pause and reflect.

In 2024, Watts Gallery - Artists' Village is a thriving charity with the ethos of Art for All by All. We endeavour to reach and inspire all audiences through our collection and exhibitions, programming, contemporary art projects and community engagement.

Discover Watts Gallery in colour

We've selected some of our favourite archive photographs to celebrate our birthday and brought them to life with colour.