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List of News Articles

  1. A glass of gin cocktail, next to a blue glass bottle of gin with a women's hand's preparing the mixture in the background

    Cocktail recipes to quench your thirst

    15 March 2024
  2. Echoes of Depth artist: Drucilla Burrell

    28 February 2024
  3. Stereoscpic Cyanotype of the sculpture Aurora by G F Watts in the Watts Gallery

    Echoes of Depth artist: Rebecca Sharpe

    14 February 2024
  4. The cultural significance of cherry blossoms in Japan

    9 February 2024
  5. Dancer holding a jacket in a historic gallery setting

    A new ten-year culture strategy for Surrey

    2 February 2024
  6. Photogravure of George Frederic Watts seated in his studio

    ASMN: Victorian artists at home

    25 January 2024
  7. Black and white tintype portrait of a woman standing by an old stone wall

    Victorian Virtual Reality reflections: interview with Emma Brown

    10 January 2024
  8. White flowers

    Guildford in Bloom

    5 January 2024
  9. Photograph of a man sitting on a stool in his art studio. There are various prints hung on the wall behind him.

    In Print: Joy: getting to know John Pedder

    20 December 2023
  10. Photograph of the inside of a shop. There are various Christmas decorations displayed on the table in the foreground, such as terracotta Christmas tree decorations and festive candles. there are some large terracotta plant pots placed on the floor an on the shelves in the background.

    2023 Christmas gift guide

    5 December 2023
  11. Photograph of a Christmas tree in the middle of Watts Cemetery Chapel. The walls of the chapel are decorated with angels made from painted gesso. A male and a female are decorating the tree.

    The Big Give Chapel tree

    30 November 2023
  12. A group of young people looking at sculpture

    Work experience at Watts Gallery

    3 October 2023