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"When I come to Watts Gallery I never want to leave. I like putting it in my diary that I will be coming to Watts. We do lots of different things – I get to see my friends and everyone at the gallery who I really like. I have learnt to travel independently on the bus to Watts and I love making art. Everyone should come to Watts Gallery!"

- Art for All Community Learning Programme participant from the halow project

The halow project is dedicated to creating opportunities and supporting young people aged 16 - 35 with learning disabilities, so that they are able to live independent, meaningful and fulfilled lives. The halow project has been an Art for All partner since 2017 and come to Watts Gallery – Artists' Village for fortnightly workshops.

Some highlights:

  • Members of halow have helped our Learning Team during the summer holidays programme by volunteering at family workshops. Participants welcomed families and prepared materials.
  • One halow participant has entered her second year of weekly volunteering at the gallery and occasionally freelances as a Learning Assistant with the Learning Team.
  • halow has worked across the year to produce gallery interpretation to be shared with the public online and in gallery spaces.
  • halow has worked with artists and a designer to make designs used for a scarf in the Limner Collection.
  • The group worked with our previous Artist in Residence Louise Grundy to make a collection of sculptural portraits, which were exhibited in Watts Gallery.

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