About Dreams and Stories: Modern Pre-Raphaelite Visionaries

This is a past exhibition.

Enter a world of stories, dreams and mystery. Discover a group of artists fascinated with colour and art for art’s sake, and who carried Pre-Raphaelite ideas into the 20th century. ​

Meet significant, but relatively unknown artists including Frederick Cayley Robinson, Marianne Stokes, Thomas Cooper Gotch and Margaret Gere. These artists not only revived but reinvented the romantic works of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Seeking to find their place in the modern world, they took inspiration from huge leaps in technology and the new study of psychology. Spirituality, symbolism, legends, nature and folklore fill their remarkable paintings and watercolours. ​​

With loans from Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, Tate and other lenders, this is a unique opportunity to encounter exquisite works from this period in British art. ​

We are grateful to our Exhibition Circle for supporting this exhibition.

5 Stars

An exhibition that educates and enchants in equal measure, showcasing works by the ‘third wave’ pre-Raphaelites, who explored the spiritual, the subconscious, the social and the symbolist.

- Anna McNay, Studio International

Three people looking around the Dreams and Stories exhibition

Dreams and Stories: Modern Pre-Raphaelite Visionaries

Nick Bond