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Since the 2020 pandemic, poor mental health has become increasingly prevalent in the United Kingdom.

It is estimated that as many as one in four people will experience a mental health disorder each year. However, while so many suffer and require help, funding and mental health services are still limited with long wait times and limited treatment options.

The arts have an important role to play in benefitting our mental health – through offering help, promoting wellbeing and creating a space for social connection.

A close up photo of a woman's hand making marks on clay

We spoke with artist and ceramicist Luisa Caccioti to hear how working with ceramics can benefit your mental health.

"As a ceramicist, I am constantly struck by the remarkable benefits of engaging in ceramics as a creative outlet. Not only can artistic expression boost your confidence and elevate your mood, but ceramics, in particular, offers even more advantages for your mental well-being."

1. Stress reduction and tension release

The tactile nature of ceramics provides a unique sensory experience that can alleviate stress and help you unwind. The simple pleasure of moulding clay into a desired shape can be incredibly therapeutic, allowing you to temporarily disconnect from the information overload and endless tasks of daily life. Just a few hours of working with ceramics can rejuvenate and recharge your mental state.

2. Non-verbal self-expression

Sometimes, words fall short when it comes to conveying our emotions and experiences. Ceramics offers an alternative form of expression that goes beyond verbal communication, providing an invaluable medium for self-discovery and emotional exploration.

3. Sense of accomplishment

There's a special satisfaction that comes from creating something from start to finish, especially when it serves a purpose or enhances your surroundings. This creative process can boost your happiness and self-confidence, instilling a sense of pride in your achievements.

4. Enhanced creativity

The creative process of ceramics can have a profound impact on your overall happiness and self-esteem. As you explore and experiment with different techniques and styles, you'll find yourself growing not only as an artist but also as an individual.

5. Social connections

One of the major benefits of attending ceramics classes is the opportunity to forge new friendships within a supportive and like-minded community. As both a student and teacher, I can attest to the strong sense of camaraderie that exists within the world of ceramics, making it a truly enriching and nurturing environment for personal growth.

So why not give ceramics a try and experience the mental health benefits firsthand? You may be surprised at just how transformative this creative outlet can be.

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A close up photo of a woman's hand making marks on clay

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