Leave a gift in your Will

The future of Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village rests on capturing the imagination of a new generation. By giving our charity a gift in your Will you become part of that future, enabling us to continue to share this extraordinary place and the Art for All legacy of two exceptional artists, for many years to come.

We are grateful for any gift you can afford which can even be 1% of your estate or a cash sum. The choice is yours and we fully understand that those closest to you come first in your Will. But we hope you might include a gift to us to let the legacy of Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village live on for future generations.

Why give us a gift in your Will?

Your gift will help us to continue the Watts story, which is told through four remarkable Arts and Crafts buildings, an internationally significant art collection and our charity's vision of Art for All by all. You will enable us to:

  • Conserve and Care for the historic buildings and collections at Watts Gallery - Artists’ Village ensuring their preservation for generations to come.
  • Inspire and Transform by bringing exhibitions and artist-led programmes to all, including marginalised communities and those most in need.
  • Protect and Enhance the 18 acres of gardens, grounds and woodland of the Watts Gallery - Artists’ Village in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The current position of the Trustees is that 90% of the value of all non-specific Gifts in Wills is added to the charity’s endowment fund, with 10% to support core costs.

How to include a gift in your Will

The only information needed by your Will writer is our charity name and number:

  • Watts Gallery Trust
  • Registered Charity number: 313612

The only decision you have to make is what type of gift and its size. Every gift, small or large, will help our dreams become a reality.

Updating your Will

It is very easy to update your Will nowadays. The best action is to contact your legal adviser and they will guide you through the best method of changing a Will – which is often a Letter of Wishes.

If you do not have a Will and/or solicitor

Then please contact us. We cannot recommend a specific solicitor but we can send a list of ones local to you and it is then your choice. Making a Will might well be cheaper and easier that you think.

Will a gift in my Will to Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village reduce Inheritance Tax?

Very possibly but it is a complicated tax! Usually, every £5,000 you leave to us should save your estate £2,000 in Inheritance Tax but please take professional advice.

Types of gifts

Pecuniary gifts are specified sums of money.

Residuary gifts are made from whatever is left over once gifts of money and specific items have been distributed. You can leave us any percentage from 1% to 100% depending on your circumstances.

Specific gifts are things, such as a painting, a house, or a ring which we would sell on your behalf to build our endowment. We would also be happy to advise you as to whether an artwork by George Frederic Watts, Mary Watts or a contemporary artist, whose work is in the spirit of the work by our founding artists, is appropriate for our collection.

Your solicitor will be able to explain the different types of gifts in more detail

Should you tell us about your future gift?

Choosing to leave a gift in your Will is a deeply personal matter, however if you do plan to leave a gift to Watts Gallery Trust, there are two good reasons to tell us:

  • So we can thank you.
  • If you wish your gift to be used for a specific purpose as we want to make sure we can fulfil your wish.

Contact the team

If you need help or want to talk about your possible gift then please contact Sarah James, Head of Development.

Email: sarah.james@wattsgallery.org.uk
Phone: 01483 813597 or 07469 736126

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